What is QuickMonitorProfile?

QuickMonitorProfile is a tool to create ICC / ICM monitor profiles to be used for color management.

Why do you need QuickMonitorProfile?

The number of imaging programs which can make use of color management is increasing. A general advice is to buy the still quite expensive light measuring tools along with the required software to create a profile for a particular monitor. For professional imaging this is definitely the right advice, but for people who do imaging for a hobby, a less expensive solution is more suitable.

This is exactly the reason why you need QuickMonitorProfile.

Since a few years by now, the monitor manufacturers store information inside the monitors which is being used by the graphics card drivers. The information can be read over the "Display Data Channel" (DDC) interface. From this information normally only the monitor resolution and timing information is being used.

The monitor manufacturers also store the chromaticity values of the red, green and blue phosphors of the monitor in this information. QuickMonitorProfile can make use of the stored phosphor chromaticity data and create a monitor profile perfectly suited for the connected monitor without the need for expensive equipment.

Furthermore, QuickMonitorProfile allows to create the most commonly used working space profiles. It is also possible to create a monitor profile for monitors that do not have a "Display Data Channel" interface provided the chromaticity data for the monitor is available.

More information and detailed instructions on how to use QuickMonitorProfile are available by pushing the Help button in QuickMonitorProfile.

What is the biggest advantage of QuickMonitorProfile?

QuickMonitorProfile is free for personal use and can be downloaded here!

Terms of Usage and Warranty Disclaimer

  • Terms of Usage

    • QuickMonitorProfile is Copyright protected. QuickMonitorProfile is not public domain software and is free of charge for personal use only. Any commercial use is only allowed with the explicit written consent of the author. QuickMonitorProfile may be installed and used on any suitable computer and may be distributed freely as long as neither the program nor any other components of the package are altered, deleted or appended.
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Download and Installation Instructions

  • Download QuickMonitorProfile

    • QuickMonitorProfile can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

      Download QuickMonitorProfile

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  • Download Runtime Libraries

    • QuickMonitorProfile does not requires any runtime libraries!
  • Installation

    • To install QuickMonitorProfile, simply open the downloaded QuickMonitorProfile installation file.
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